The midsize cruiser category sits at a crossroads between the urban sprawl and the open road, between bar-hopping and state-hopping. Models such as the Indian Scout, Harley-Davidson Sportster, and Honda Rebel 1100 pack enough punch for mile-munching journeys, but don’t offer enough accommodations to pack for the long haul.

Accessory catalogs typically meet the midsize cruisers' modest touring needs. However, Honda has a new idea in mind, and California Air Resources Board (CARB) data and Swiss vehicle certification docs confirm that it’s on its way in 2023.

According to a recent CARB order, Big Red will bring a Rebel 1100T variant Stateside. The brand will also offer the model in manual and DCT trims. Europe should expect the same, as the Swiss files include new Rebel 1100 model codes CMX1100A2 (Rebel 1100T) and CMX1100D2 (Rebel 1100T DCT).

Switzerland’s data also indicate that Honda’s new tourer will retain the firm’s versatile Unicam, 1,084cc parallel twin that pumps out 87 horsepower and 72 lb-ft of torque in Rebel form. A few details change around that practical powerplant, though. The standard Rebel 1100 stands at 43.9 inches in height. The 1100T will raise that measurement to 46.5 inches, hinting at the addition of a front fairing.

The Rebel’s curb weight also jumps by 33 pounds. This suggests that luggage would join the 1100T’s new bodywork. Given the added weight, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the touring variant don a newly-designed full front fairing and hard saddlebags.

Back in August, 2022, when Japanese outlet Young Machine released its 2023-2024 model year predictions, it included a digital rendering of a travel-ready Rebel 1100. The concept featured bodywork reminiscent of the Harley-Davidson Road Glide’s shark-nose fairing. Honda may not favor such a literal interpretation of its competitor’s styling, but if the Rebel 1100T does gain a new front fairing in the process, we can’t wait to see what Big Red delivers.

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