The BMW CE-04 is BMW’s latest and greatest all-electric innovation, and is aimed squarely at urban city dwellers looking for a fresh, emission-free way of getting around town. That being said, as much as it is stylish, it must also be able to withstand the rigors of everyday city life. Clearly, its eye-catching design and cutting-edge technology makes it stand out from the crowd, especially when parked alongside other, more commonplace scooters.

Given the fact that the CE-04 is most popular in Europe, where motorcycle and scooter theft continues to be an issue in several countries, it goes without saying that the futuristic electric motorcycle could be a thief magnet. As such, owners who ride their scoots on the daily will surely want to invest in additional security measures. Unfortunately, given the CE-04 uniquely styled wheels, traditional wheel locks wont fit. Luckily, French company Top-Block has developed a new wheel lock that works specifically with the CE-04’s disc-style wheels.

Check Out Top-Block’s Urban Accessories For The BMW CE-04

Top-Block's Nexus front wheel lock for the BMW CE-04.

It’s called the Nexus, and it’s a mini U-type lock that wedges between the disc brakes and the inner edge of the wheel. It comes with a 120-centimeter long chain, allowing you to secure the bike to floor-mounted locks and posts. It’s a simple solution, and one that could provide enough of a deterrent to would-be thieves. That said, its price tag of 137 Euros (approx $137 USD, per current exchange rates) should mean nothing to you if you were able to dish out the CE-04’s close to $12,000 price tag.

Check Out Top-Block’s Urban Accessories For The BMW CE-04

Top-Block's X-Block rear wheel locking mechanism.

Top-Block hasn’t stopped with the Nexus as far as keeping your CE-04 goes. The company has also developed the X-Block anti-theft device that goes on the rear of the electric scooter. It consists of a tubular lock which slots in the rear hub and is secured by a chain to a fixed point such as a floor or post-mounted scooter lock. Of course, the supplied chain comes with a fabric sleeve to prevent it from scratching the CE-04’s fancy disc wheels. The X-Block retails for 139 Euros ($139 USD).

Check Out Top-Block’s Urban Accessories For The BMW CE-04

Aluminum bracket extensions provide more space for carrying a passenger.

Last but not least, Top-Block also addresses city commuters’ practical concerns surrounding the CE-04. To allow riders to carry a top case and a passenger at the same time, the company has released top-case support extenders, which relocates the top case a few centimeters rearward, providing just a little more space for you to be able to carry a pillion on your city commutes. Designed to withstand the weight of your luggage, the top-case support is fairly robust, and therefore costs a pretty penny amounting to 249 Euros (approximately $249 USD).

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