These days, social media can truly get you far. More than just expanding your social circles, being savvy on social media platforms can indeed pave the way for your career. Heck, folks like me rely heavily on social media to get our content out to you guys, and I’m sure a good number of you reading this story saw it through one of RideApart’s social networks.

That being said, the intersection of the worlds of motorcycles and social media has been a harmonious one for years—ever since the dawn of the internet, when forums were the go-to place for information. That said, nearly all brands and manufacturers have a presence in the online landscape, and one of them, Tucano Urbano, is leveraging Instagram Reels to find their next intern who will be given the awesome opportunity to work with Tucano Urbano in planning for EICMA 2022.

The contest sees Tucano Urbano partnering up with popular Italian motorcycling publication Moto.It, and is open to anyone who is savvy on social media. Of course, it’s preferred that you’re from Italy, particularly near the headquarters of Tucano Urbano in Milan. The way the contest works is really simple. All you have to do is to create an Instagram Reel that talks about who you are, and why you should be given the opportunity to work with Tucano Urbano. Make sure to use the hashtag #tucanourbanomotoit, and upload your reels no later than September 25, 2022.


From there, a panel of judges consisting of industry experts, more specifically, Florian Martin, Marketing Director of Tucano Urbano, Giacomo Bertolazzi, Director of the IED in Milan, and Giulia Toninelli, Social Manager of Moto.It, will choose five finalists. The next stage of the contest will have these five finalists create another reel focusing on a specific Tucano Urbano product. All these reels will then be published on Tucano Urbano’s official Instagram page, with the reel receiving the highest number of likes, as well as scrutiny from the judges, crowned the winner.

So, what exactly awaits the winner of the contest? Well, no less than the opportunity to work with Tucano Urbano’s marketing team for the planning of the company’s efforts in the upcoming EICMA 2022. So there you have it! If you think you have what it takes to work with one of Italy’s popular gear and equipment manufacturers, then be sure to have your reel uploaded before September 25, 2022, and use the hashtag #tucanourbanomotoit.

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