It’s mid-September, 2022—and the prices of most things just keep getting higher. Actual numbers may vary based on where you live, and some things do get a little cheaper from time to time—but mostly, they rise. That’s particularly rough if your pay doesn’t rise at the same rate as those prices (which, let’s be honest, it rarely ever does). 

Perhaps that’s why EICMA wants people who are thinking about attending to know that its ticket prices aren’t rising for the 2022 show. As inflation keeps pushing everyone’s cost of living higher—and particularly as most of Europe braces for what will likely be an extremely expensive heating bill this winter—it’s at least one fun event that won’t be more expensive. 

Additionally, EICMA president Pietro Meda told Motociclismo.IT, exhibitors also won’t be charged a higher rate this year. That’s surely a relief to those exhibitors participating, because most businesses have also been facing a number of financial challenges over the past couple of years. Rising shipping costs, supply chain shortages, the outbreak of war—you name it, it’s been a tough time. 

The 2022 edition of EICMA will run from November 10 through 13, with ticket prices remaining set at € 19 apiece for adults (which is $19.02 as of September 16, 2022). For the remainder of the month of September, EICMA is even offering a discount on full-price tickets. Through noon on September 30, a regular EICMA ticket for adults will cost just € 16—which is a three-Euro discount.  

Furthermore, children from ages four through 13 can get in for a further discounted price of € 12 ($12.01), and this price is valid throughout the duration of ticket sales. Additional group discounted tickets are available for schools, members of the Italian Motorcycle Federation (FIM), other motorcycle associations, and Motoclub members. Please be aware that all levels of ticket will have an additional € 1.50 handling charges, regardless of whether they’re full or discounted prices.  

The big event is less than two months away, so you do still have time to make plans if you’re thinking about going—but not too much more time. 

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