When EICMA organizers announced public plans to bring the show back to the Rho Fiera in Milan, Italy, in November, 2021, no one knew how it would go. There was cautious optimism, of course. Additional safety measures were in place, to keep all attendees safe and healthy while enjoying a much-needed mood boost from seeing all the latest and greatest the motorcycle industry has to offer for the new year.  

Now that December, 2021, is upon us, how did it go? The official numbers are in, and EICMA organizers say that over the course of the event, they reached the maximum-allowed capacity for visitors under current pandemic mitigation regulations. What’s that mean in terms of an actual number? A total of 342,644 people attended the event in 2021. 

For 2021, the exhibition area was smaller than in years past, to allow for ample spacing of attendees to keep everyone safe. Five pavilions were arranged in the indoor space, as well as additional outdoor exhibition areas that hosted special shows, test ride opportunities, and of course the special Valentino Rossi career tribute event

Like many facets of everyday life since the pandemic took hold, EICMA opted to push hard for online ticket sales. It’s a simple safety measure, and one that’s relatively easy to implement—and thankfully, over 94 percent of total ticket sales for 2021 were conducted this way.  

In addition to public attendees, a total of 28,841 members of the motorcycle industry were in attendance, with around 43 percent of those coming from outside of Italy. Additionally, a total of 5,127 journalists, influencers, and others in communications-related fields attended the event. Of these, 35 percent came from outside Italy. 

Given the circumstances, EICMA organizers say that the 2021 event achieved the best possible result they could have hoped for. As well, they say it confirms the undying passion that everyone who loves motorbikes feels for our shared niche. Given that so many people have either been discovering or else reaffirming their motorcycle passion throughout the pandemic, that’s probably no surprise if you’re reading this. 

What’s on tap for 2022? EICMA organizers currently plan for next year’s event to take place in Milan from November 8 through 13, 2022. Mark your calendars now.  

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