In India and other parts of Asia, small displacement scooters and motorcycles are the kings of the road. In fact, you could even go as far as saying that small scooters and motorbikes are the lifeblood of the economy, allowing quick and accessible mobility of a large chunk of the workforce, as well as delivering parcels, products, and other essentials on a constant basis.

As such, there really is no surprise that manufacturers continue to work hard to develop more affordable and accessible models designed to cater to the needs of the budget-focused market. Honda, for instance, has two very affordable models in the Indian market, the CD110 Dream DLX and the Livo. Priced at Rs 70,315 ($882 USD) and Rs 75,002 ($940 USD) respectively, these two models are among the best selling two-wheelers in the Indian market. That being said, Honda wants to lower the barriers to entry even further, and is reportedly working on a new, 100cc commuter priced even more affordably than the CD110.

Honda Expected To Release New 100cc Commuter Bike In India

The Hero Splendor is currently the best-selling motorcycle in India.

In an article published by Indian motoring publication Car and Bike, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is currently gearing up to launch a new 100cc motorcycle. The new model will undeniably be a budget-friendly machine, and will focus on fuel economy, commuting capability, and comfort. What exactly the motorcycle will be has yet to be revealed, however, chances are it’ll be a standard commuter model similar to the CD100 Dream DLX.

Performance-wise, the Honda Dream DLX and Livo share the same engine, a 109.5cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine churning out 8.7 horsepower. It’s expected that the upcoming model will have an even smaller engine, perhaps a 100cc unit similar in performance to that of the Hero Splendor, which is indeed the model Honda has in its sights for the upcoming commuter bike. For reference, the Hero Splendor is the best-selling motorcycle in the Indian market.

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