Kawasaki has always been about offering value for money motorcycles in all the markets it operates in. Out of the big four Japanese manufacturers, Kawasaki has the widest selection of big bikes that cater to enthusiasts from all backgrounds and budgets. For beginners, models like the Z400 and Ninja 400 offer the perfect gateway drug into the world of big bikes.

Meanwhile, slightly more experienced riders can opt for the 650 series of models occupied by the Z650, Versys, Ninja, and Vulcan. While the 650 class of motorcycles was once considered as the middleweight segment, these days, the emergence of models bearing displacements ranging from 800cc to 900cc have pretty much established themselves as the new middleweights. This is true not only for western markets, but in Asia, as well.

Kawasaki India Launches 2023 Z900 In Two New Colors

Perhaps one of the best value for money offerings in this segment in the Kawasaki Z900, which presents itself as a step above the Z650, with performance figures more akin to the likes of the Yamaha XSR900 and Triumph Street Triple, but at a price point closer to the Honda CB650R. As such, it isn’t all too surprising that demand for the Z900 has been consistently high. That being said, Kawasaki has just launched the 2023 Z900 in the Indian market, and you can bet that power-hungry enthusiasts will be queueing up for this punchy naked bike.

Updates to the 2023 Kawasaki Z900 consist primarily of cosmetic changes. More specifically, Team Green has given the Z900 two new color options consisting of Metallic Phantom Silver with Metallic Carbon Gray and Ebony with Metallic Matte Graphene Steel Gray. Yes, these color names are a mouthful, and chances are they’ll colloquially be referred to as “the black and green one” and “the red and gray one.”

Apart from the sporty, distinctly Kawasaki colorways, the new Z900 remains virtually unchanged. An aggressive headlamp, a big chiseled fuel tank with shrouds, a step-up seat, and a side-slung exhaust are some of the aesthetic features. A traction control system, power modes, riding modes, and ABS are some of the technological rider aids carried over to the 2023 model. Additionally, full-LED lighting and a color TFT display with Bluetooth also come as standard. Performance-wise, the Z900's 948cc, inline-four cylinder, liquid-cooled engine continues to deliver 123.6 horsepower at 9,500 rpm and 69 ft-lbs of maximum torque at 7,700 rpm.

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