When riding in the city, especially for purposes other than simply riding, you could argue that it’s best to dress inconspicuously to avoid any unwanted attention when you’re off the bike, as well as to feel more comfortable going about your day-to-day activities. Of course, it goes without saying that once you do get on the bike, it’s nice to know that the clothes you’re wearing can protect you in the event things go sideways.

Luckily, nearly all gear and equipment manufacturers have products that incorporate styling cues from the world of mainstream fashion, and as such, are nearly indistinguishable from their non-motorcycling counterparts. This is true for jackets, pants, and shoes, and it allows motorcyclists to have a wider selection of styling options that can double as their daily outfits, too. A good example of this comes from popular British gear manufacturer RST, with its new Urban 3 sneakers.

From a style standpoint, the RST Urban 3 sneakers can very easily be mistaken for your standard Converse sneaker. They feature a mid-cut, standard laces, and a thoroughly understated appearance. However, underneath their casual look and feel, the Urban 3 sneakers are PPE certified thanks to some nifty protective tech RST has concealed beneath the surface. For starters, although the majority of the shoe is made of fabric, said fabric is an abrasion-resistant material. Furthermore, the heel and toe section feature reinforcements for added structural rigidity, impact protection, and slide resistance.

The top of the Urban 3 is also reinforced, particularly at the selector area, to prevent wear and tear. Just like the classic-style sneakers, the Urban 3 gets four metal eyelets for breathability and ventilation. As for pricing and availability, these motorcycle-approved kicks will set you back a reasonable 109.99 Euros, which translates to $111 USD, per current exchange rates. They’re available in only one black and gray colorway, and are sized ranging from 40 to 47.

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