Just because it’s summer and the sun shines extra hot doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style when it comes to riding gear. I mean, let’s face it, one of the reasons why we love riding our bikes is because we get to mix and match riding gear, very much like we do in the world of fashion when we’re not on our bikes. This is especially true when it comes to the neo-retro segment occupied by scramblers and cafe racers.

Unsurprisingly, gear and equipment manufacturers have long been producing apparel designed to cater to the needs of the neo-retro segment precisely. With most of these gear options made out of leather, it can be easy to discount them during the summer months. However, several new options featuring perforated leather have incorporated much-needed breathability, making them ideal for use even in hot weather. A good example of this is Segura’s new Logan gloves, which offer the classic look and protection of leather motorcycle gloves with added comfort and breathability.

New Segura Logan Gloves Offer Classic Leather Styling For Summer Rides

The fingers, top of the hand, thumb, and inside of the wrist of the Logan are constructed of goat leather panels, some of which are perforated to enable air to flow. The style has a short elastic cuff with a hook-and-loop closure that can be adjusted for extra comfort and a snug fit. The company logo is subtly stitched in tone on tone to maintain a very refined and simple aesthetic. Gussets are also present at the base of the fingers and on the back of the hand. The index and middle fingers are covered with a yoke that works with touch displays, demonstrating that integration with contemporary technology has not been forgotten.

For improved protection in the case of a fall or slide, the Logan additionally has reinforcements at the base of the palm and a stiff protective shell at the metacarpals. The glove in question conforms with EN 13594:2015 requirements for Europe. The Segura Logan and Lady Logan gloves cost 79.99 Euros ($79.99 USD) per pair and are exclusively available in solid black. The Logan is available in men's sizes T8 to T13 and women's sizes T5 to T9.

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