Cub House Honda in Thailand seems to consistently set a high bar for workplace fun. While they obviously want to sell bikes, the exclusive special edition 125s the shop puts out are usually bright spots in our day, no matter when they’re released. Take the CT125 Trail Explorer that Cub House introduced on September 9, 2022, which honestly looks and sounds perfect. 

If you’re the type of person who thinks that only a big, bad, burly adventure bike will do, then the CT 125 Trail Explorer isn’t for you, and it probably never will be. However, if you’re the type of person who thinks that adventure is in the soul, and not in the displacement, then the Trail Explorer starts to look pretty intriguing.  

The rear suspension has five levels of preload adjustability, while the front suspension gets upgraded to 110mm of travel. Cub House also added a stabilizing bridge on that front fork for added durability. The rubber fork gaiters offer form and function, as well. Disc brakes with front ABS come standard, as does the high-mount exhaust with a snorkel air cleaner, fully digital speedometer, 5.4-liter fuel tank for extended range, and full LED lighting. 

Gallery: Cub House Honda CT125 Trail Explorer

The CT 125 Trail Explorer also comes with an engine guard fitted as standard, as well as a sturdy, black rear carrier. For the new year, the bike also comes in a new gray color that wasn’t previously available—and it looks quite nice with the black and silver accents. The previous red and green colorways are also still available per the official Cub House website. 

If you want to get even more adventurous with your CT 125, there will also apparently be a Stanley Edition in the future. Full details of this special edition haven’t been announced just yet, but it appears to come with both a rear and a front rack installed, as well as a nice Stanley cooler in the back. The front rack holds what appears to be a domed Stanley lunchbox. The video also shows people enjoying some Stanley camping food accessories, but it’s not clear whether those come inside the lunchbox or cooler, or if they’re simply available accessories that you’ll be able to purchase separately.  

As for pricing and availability, if you’re in Thailand, your best bet is to ask Cub House directly for this information. For those of us out in the rest of the world, like most Cub House special editions of things, it’s not clear whether the CT 125 Trail Explorer package will ever make its way to other markets. More is definitely the pity here, as it looks like a pretty excellent little package.

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