Thailand is home to a rich and vast custom motorcycle culture. With a large chunk of the Asian market’s supply being manufactured in Thailand, this isn’t all too surprising, especially when it comes to commuter-focused scooters and bikes. Recent years have seen bigger, more powerful, and more premium models hit the market, not least of which would be Ducati, which has been manufacturing some models in Thailand for several years now.

Crafton Atelier Turns Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 Into Sleek Cafe Racer

Indeed, there have been quite a handful of custom builds surrounding Ducatis, Triumphs, and other premium models from Thailand, with the newest and one of the most striking coming from a shop called Crafton Atelier. The company started life as an upholsterer for custom motorcycle saddles, and a pretty good one at that. Their services were often commissioned by bike builders looking to get the very best when it comes to saddles. This time around, though, Crafton has decided to try its hand on building a custom machine from the ground up.

The bike that came out as a result of it is nothing short of impressive. Built from the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2, this custom build was manufactured entirely in Thailand, with the donor bike being produced in its Thailand factory, and sold across the ASEAN market. The Sixty2, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is the smallest member of the Ducati street-legal family, and is equipped with a 400cc engine, making it ideal for city riding and commuting, with just enough grunt to take you on longer rides out of town.

Crafton Atelier Turns Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 Into Sleek Cafe Racer

To start with, the biggest, most noticeable change to the custom build is undeniably its stance. The stock Scrambler has a very upright seating position with tall handlebars and a low saddle. Crafton’s masterpiece alters the geometry quite a bit by lowering the front end, raising the seat, and fitting a set of clip-on handlebars. This gives the bike a very streamlined and aggressive aesthetic—an aesthetic that’s complemented by the completely bespoke fuel tank and seat assembly.

As a whole, it gives off a bespoke look, as if the entire assembly was a one-piece unit. However, it was cleverly designed such that the seat could easily be removed in order to access the electrical components housed beneath. Completing the bike’s clean look is a sleek silver paint job that really emphasizes the bespoke lines of the handcrafted fuel tank. As for the engine and underpinnings, Crafton has chosen to retain nearly all the stock parts, keeping the bike reliable and usable on a daily basis.

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