The Institut für Zweiradsicherheit (IFZ), or the Institute for Two-Wheeler Safety in Germany looks to discuss motorcycle safety issues in great detail in October, 2022. The conference will highlight the several important safety issues concerning the European public, and will run simultaneously with Intermot in Cologne, Germany.

Following a lot of research pertaining to traffic accidents, as well as the industry as a whole, the IFZ looks to provide an outlook for the future of motorcycles specific to the European market on October 3 to 4, 2022. Available both in English and in German, folks from all across the world can tune in to the conference. Even if you’re not from Europe, it could be interesting to see what the Old Continent has in mind when it comes to the future of two-wheeled mobility. After all, Europe has always been among the first continents to adopt stricter safety and emissions regulations, with the rest of the world following suit shortly thereafter.

In order to take advantage of this chance to share knowledge and opinions on the most recent safety-relevant features of motorcycles, several specialists as well as other interested parties from many different countries around the world are expected to take part in the conference. Andre Lang, head of research at the IFZ states, “Above all, through the international exchange of knowledge and joint action, we can further reduce the number of accidents involving motorized two-wheelers, worldwide!” The conference will be a hybrid event, giving everyone the chance to attend live, whether they're in Cologne or using concurrent online access on the internet.

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Concerns surrounding the motorcycle industry’s future dubbed “Vision 2030+: the motorcycle industry’s future within the EU mobility transformation” are anticipated to be the primary topic of the panel discussion on the conference's second day. This appears to be in English or will at least be available in translation. The promise of two-wheeled mobility for the transportation of the future as well as continuing initiatives to further improve the safety and technology of powered two-wheelers will also be covered by industry executives and policymakers.

For more information about the upcoming conference, as well as details on how to register, be it online or in-person, feel free to visit the IFZ’s official website linked in the sources below.

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