These days, electric motorcycles are widely available. International manufacturers have been vying to create their own versions of the ideal all-electric two-wheeler. Naturally, scooters make up the majority of electric two-wheelers designed with daily commuters in mind. I mean, it simply makes sense because they are very comfortable platforms that are also incredibly easy to ride.

Having said all of that, it's tremendously encouraging to see electric two-wheelers created to provide a more enjoyable riding experience. This is true of the Lora electric motorcycle concept from Spanish electric motorcycle startup Urbet. The Lora, which was first seen as a design drawing back in May 2022, is everything you'd expect from a street-oriented electric naked bike. The Marbella, Spain-based company has previously sold inexpensive electric scooters like the Nura and Ego, which are made by Chinese suppliers. The Lora, which is clearly a from-the-ground-up design, aims to differentiate itself from these cost-effective alternatives.

The Urbet Lora Electric Motorcycle Is Set To Enter Production

If in May, all we had to go by were design sketches of the Lora, now, Urbet has enhanced its design and actually built the bike in the metal. The production-ready Lora certainly looks really enticing, and additional details surrounding the bike’s performance and trim options have come to the surface, too. From a performance standpoint, the base model Lora packs a battery and electric motor inside the frame—similar to where a traditional motorcycle’s engine would be placed. It packs 5 kw, or around 6.7 horsepower of continuous output, and a peak power figure of 11 kw, or 15 horsepower.

Moving up the ladder, the Lora S packs even more punch with enhancements to the electric motor. The range-topping variant is expected to churn out 19 kw, or 25 horsepower, of peak power. As for range, the standard Lora is claimed to be capable of returning 120 kilometers, or 75 miles, on a single charge. The S, meanwhile, is claimed to be able to return a range of 240 kilometers (150 miles) in Sport more, or an even more impressive 360 kilometers (225 miles) when stuck in Eco mode.

The Urbet Lora Electric Motorcycle Is Set To Enter Production

As for pricing and availability, the Urbet Lora and Lora S models are both L3e approved, meaning they can be driven by A1 license holders in Europe. Deliveries of the sporty electric naked bike are expected to commence before the end of 2022, with prices set at 8,250 Euros, approximately $8,498 USD, for the base model, and 11,750 Euros, or around $12,103 USD, for the Lora S.

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