Arai is one of the best-known motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world. Boastng a wide selection of helmets catering to nearly all disciplines of riding, Arai's helmets are the lid of choice of some of the world's best racers. Even while the Japanese company is best known for its stylish, road-oriented motorcycle helmets, it also competes in all market areas, including off-road with its MX-V full-face motocross helmet.

If there's one thing you may have noticed about Arai's helmets, it's that they're typically rounded towards the back. The same is true for the MX-V. The MX-V, which was built on the foundation of the VX-3, adopts the R75 shell, a typical oval form for Arai products that is meant to reduce the risk of your head bouncing around in case of a fall. Super Complex Lanimate Construction (SCLC) composite fibers, which are used to make this shell, are more impact- and crack-resistant than thermoplastic or even traditional fiberglass shells.

Underneath the Arai MX-V's SCLC shell, the Japanese company offers us cheek pads with Dry-Cool coating, detachable and washable liners, adjustable pads, and an FCS face contour system that enables the helmet to better conform to the shape of your face over time. Additional safety features include an emergency foam removal mechanism, a seal that offers greater support for motocross-specific goggles, and more ventilation on the chin guard and front portion.

Arai Offers MX-V Helmet In New Block Graphics By Drudi Performance
Arai Offers MX-V Helmet In New Block Graphics By Drudi Performance

The MX-V is available from Arai in the traditional plain black and plain white hues, as well as in a livery resembling that of Justin Barcia, and in a new Block design with white, gray, and black design elements created by none other than the Drudi Performance Studio. The Block design also comes in a pink iteration with blue, gray, and yellow accents. The MX-V is available for purchase and has a starting price of 699.95 Euros, which is equal to $710 USD. It comes in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL.

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