For ladies on bikes in France, this is a festival worth going to. Femmes et Moto is kicking off next month, September 23 to be exact, and will last all the way until the 25th of the month this year.

The festival was organized by Alice Peuple, a lady rider who has been blogging for several years. Peuple took a trip to the U.S.A. back in 2017 on a Harley-Davidson in order to immerse herself in the culture and discover California on the back of a bike. Known online as, A Chick on a Bike, she’s active on Instagram, her blog, and even on the podcast, Au Coin Du Pneu, which roughly translates to “At the corner of the tire.”

Femmes et Moto Festival - Alice Peuple

Peuple wanted to make an all-female motorcycle because there wasn’t one that was made in France yet. By organizing this festival, Peuple wants to bring together other lady riders in France to share in their passion for riding motorcycles, all for a weekend of fun and bonding.

This September, the first edition of the Femmes et Moto Festival will be held, and the event dates have been set on September 23 and will last an entire weekend all the way until September 25, 2022. The event will be held at the Aspres-sur-Buëch Aerodome and the program will include on and off-road motorcycle rides, enduro initiations, and even mechanical and trip planning workshops. Other than that, there are a ton more activities for festival-goers to participate in such as discussions, concerts, yoga, and even tattoo services on site.

Tickets are available for €59 EUR, or $60.37 USD given current exchange rates, and that will cover all three days of the festival followed by a €15 EUR ($15.35 USD) membership fee that’s compulsory if not already paid for beforehand. There are also other fees should you opt to participate in the events and they are as follows:

  • Road trip: €15 EUR ($15.35 USD)
  • Off-road ride: € 25 EUR ($25.58 USD)
  • Enduro course: € 60 EUR ($61.40 USD)
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