Motorcycle rental services follow a standard formula. From rental and tour companies to peer-to-peer sharing platforms, renters typically designate their desired model and a select range of dates. While that approach works for many transactions, peer-to-peer rental service Riders Share hopes to improve its Las Vegas, Nevada, motorcycle rentals with new flexible options.

Founded in 2018, Riders Share has 80,000 members and 2,500 bikes across more than 2,000 locations. The firm has already completed over 15,000 trips in four short years, but Riders Share is always looking for a competitive edge.

In May, 2021, the company launched a new subscription plan before integrating off-road motorcycle rental services just one month later, in June, 2021. Riders Share even offered owners a $250 bonus for listing a 2015 or newer BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Indian, or Ural model.

The new, Las Vegas-based initiative prizes the customer experience, with a range of options that help users customize trips and save money. Whether renting a motorcycle for an annual rally or a long-term tour, the new flexible options help the customer adjust to changing plans.

Slow processes and limited variety have historically plagued the rental process, but the platform’s more than 25,000 currently available listings and bookings can be completed within minutes. Users can even add 24/7 roadside assistance for extra peace of mind.

Riders Share's customer-focused service and expanded options allow renters to find inexpensive rides. The new rental terms also make rescheduling and canceling easier than ever. Based on their preference and comfort levels, users can also collect the bike from the owner or schedule a delivery.

On the other hand, Riders Share owners retain full control over the price of their motorcycle as well as contract agreement options. Those interested in renting a motorcycle for an upcoming Las Vegas trip can complete a reservation at Riders Share’s website, and frequent users will benefit from the firm’s community-based app.

Most motorcycle rental services do follow a standard formula, but Riders Share is proving that renters and owners want more options.

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