EagleRider, the motorcycle rental and tour company, just launched a brand-new service for riders. If you’ve ever wished there was an Airbnb for bikes, then Eagle Share may be just what you’ve been waiting for. As of March 17, 2021, if you have spare bikes sitting around that you wish you could rent out to other riders for a little extra cash, all you have to do is sign up. 

Once signed up, you can list your bike, enter information about it, and set up your own personal rental rates and availability. There’s no upfront signup cost or obligation to continue, according to EagleShare’s official documentation. 

Now, EagleShare’s rules say that you are completely in control in terms of who you choose to rent your bike to. EagleShare facilitates the rental, providing you a potential renter’s home country driver’s license information—but you get to make the final decision. The company says it offers several payout methods, but doesn’t list details prior to sign up. However, it does say that private owners are in total control of which payout method they choose.

If you want to rent bikes on EagleShare, riders must be 21 years of age or older. Passengers can be any age, as long as they can reach the floorboards and/or passenger pegs on the rental bike. EagleShare recommends that both private owners and passengers take photos of the bike before and after rental and return, in the event that any damage occurs during a rental period.  

According to the EagleShare website, the service is accessible via your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop device. I can’t tell you for sure about iOS, but a quick visit to the Google Play store on my phone running Android 10 shows only the “EagleRider Mobile Tour Guide” as a valid EagleRider app, which is currently available for download right now. Another app called “Eagle Share” appears to be a file sharing service based in India, and is otherwise unaffiliated with EagleRider, or with motorcycling in general.  

“The sharing economy is here,” EagleRider Holdings CEO Karsten Summers said in a statement. 

“Our new sharing platform provides the millions of customers already visiting our websites for motorcycle and powersports rentals with a wider range of destinations and models to choose from when it comes to on-road and off-road experiences. Owners and dealers that choose to list their vehicles for rent on EagleShare will instantly benefit from our sister company EagleRider’s loyal customer base earned over the past 29 years.” 

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