In 2018, a small peer-to-peer motorcycle rental program called Riders Share popped up in Orange County, California. Less than three years later, the grassroots movement has transformed into a full rental service with a dedicated website, app, and community. Boasting more than 2,500 bikes and over 15,000 completed trips, Riders Share has come a long way in a short time.

Now, the company is launching an annual subscription service to its thriving customer base. Whether you’re a frequent renter, traveler, or testing multiple bikes before your next purchase, the Rider Pass will reward members with a 35-percent discount on all rental. The markdown isn’t restricted to the daily trip price, however. Riders Share will also apply the discount to its damage waiver and service fees.


Members also unlock free deliveries up to $50 and earn free trip cancelations. While the program discount applies to numerous rental charges, the service recommends that riders also secure insurance and/or roadside assistance for each trip. Those supplemental charges may not be subject to the subscription’s rebates.

The Riders Pass isn’t only aimed at existing motorcyclists, however. The Austin, Texas-based brand hopes to grow ridership with the new initiative.

“There’s an entire market of twenty million plus ex-riders who are bikeless; our goal with subscription services is to provide an economic re-entry point to stimulate responsible ridership across the country,” said Riders Share CEO Guillermo Cornejo.


In order to qualify for the service, members will need to be over the age of 25 with a credit score over 700. Monthly subscription fees will cost $24. Users can also opt for the annual payment plan at $264, which saves the rider one month’s fee.

“Our mission is to encourage safe motorcycling by making it more affordable,” said Cornejo “We felt the time was right to further diversify our pricing model and help people create new mobility habits as our cities start moving again.”

Riders Share has come a long way from its grassroots beginnings, but the company’s Rider Pass should help to grow the brand and overall ridership in the future.

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