BMW offers an assortment of models that suit daily city commuters, but those riders want to get out of town from time to time as well. Those adventures typically call for additional luggage, and the House of Munich is happy to meet those needs with the new Urban Collection.

None of the pieces are motorcycle specific, but BMW adjusted the line to suit different bike styles. The Tank Bag Large (GS) is designed for motorcycles with sloping fuel tanks and offers 11-16 liters of storage. The Tank Bag Large offers the same amount of capacity but caters to models with semi-circular tank shapes. If you’re looking for a tank bag with a small footprint, the Urban Collection Small variant satisfies the minimalist’s needs with 5 liters of storage.

Anti-slip foam padding, strap fasteners, and front and rear plug-in clasps not only secure the tank bags to the motorcycle but also make refueling easier. All the Urban Collection tank bags include a removable waterproof inner liner and water-repellent two-way zippered main pocket, which ensure that the user’s belongings are protected from the elements. The Large (GS) edition also features a transparent top pouch for quick access to personal items and devices.

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With a volume of 20 liters, the Urban Collection Backpack is a great everyday companion for daily riders and weekend warriors. The rubberized two-way zip reinforces the waterproof main compartment, protecting valuable items like a laptop. The Backpack’s protective inner sleeve accommodates up to 15-inch laptops, while two outer pockets and a mesh inner pocket provide additional storage. Adjustable shoulder, chest, and hip straps help users personalize the Backpack’s fit while reflective stripes improved visibility.

For extended trips, the Side Bags Large offers 16 liters of capacity and the Small comes in with 10 liters. A quick-release system allows the Large Side Bag can to attach to the motorcycle without straps, while the waterproof liner, 15-inch laptop pouch, and smartphone holder provide convenient storage for common devices. The Rear Bags Large and Urban Collection Small deliver even more storage with an expandable volume of 50-60 liters and 37-45 liters, respectively.

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