Modern naked bikes and sportbikes sure are sleek and sexy, but they typically lack one major convenience: carrying capacity. You may have no need for luggage if you’re riding a Ducati Panigale V4, but everyday naked sportbikes are much more practical and versatile these days. For the urban rider that enjoys escaping the city on the weekends, a pair of small panniers can be invaluable.

Spanish gear and luggage brand Shad hears your plight and recently introduced the E48SR specifically favoring naked and sportbike models. Before attaching the rigid shell E48SR bags to your tail section, however, customers will also need to purchase Shad’s SBH SR mounting system. Luckily, the rack bolts to the underside of the motorcycle’s tail unit, preserving the streamlined look that makes roadsters and supersports so appealing.

Shad constructs the side cases from durable ABS, offering up to 7.7 pounds (15.4 pounds as a pair) and 15 liters (30 liters as a pair) of carrying capacity. The zipper enclosure, inner waterproof bag, and outer material seal out water, and a customizable combination locking mechanism helps seal out thieves as well.

On the interior, compression straps ensure that larger objects stay in place during travel while mesh inner pockets accommodate small personal items. Measuring 17.7 inches in length, 11.4 inches in height, and 10.6 inches deep, the bags should carry enough belongings for a weekend trip.

Once back in the city, the user can easily remove the cases with the solid yet light polyamide and fiberglass anchoring system. The aft section of each bag features reflective panels for improved visibility at night which double as carrying handles when the rider dismounts the luggage. The simple mounting and locking mechanism also makes loading and unloading the cases an easy endeavor.

At €339 ($362 USD), the Shad E48SR bags are a reasonable price for such a functional upgrade. Unfortunately, Shad doesn’t list which naked and sportbike models the E48SR system fits, but the brochure does utilize the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 as a model.

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