If you like the aesthetic and durability of aluminum side cases and top boxes, but wish that they weren’t quite so boxy, you’re in luck. EICMA 2019 has one more gift for you in the form of Spanish luggage maker Shad’s brand new Terra side case and top box line. 

Terra top boxes and side cases each come in two sizes. Top boxes come in your choice of 37 or 48 liters, while side cases come in 35 or 47-liter sizes. All these cases are made of a forged aluminum alloy, which Shad says is both lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The cases also make use of Shad’s patented integrated double locking system, as well. This protects both your stuff in the cases and your cases on your bike. 

Pricing and availability information have not yet been announced, but the Terra line will be part of Shad’s 2020 offerings. Although the company says that they’re lightweight, we don’t have any official weight specs on these yet. What we can tell you is, they do look quite nice as fitted to the Africa Twin in the video above. 

We look forward to finding out more information about these and also seeing in-depth reviews once people start getting their hands on these and riding with them out in the wild. If they perform as good as they look, and they’re priced fairly, there’s no reason that these shouldn’t sell well and also make riders happy at the same time. 

Sure, there are other aluminum top boxes and panniers from just about everyone you’d expect—so assuming these are priced competitively, it’s nice to have more solid choices when you’re looking for places to stash your stuff. Shad itself also currently offers its aluminum SH35 side cases, if you’re searching for a look that’s even less box-shaped. The SH59X expandable top case has an aluminum cover to match but does not feature fully aluminum construction.

How will riders like these? We’ll have to wait and see.

Sources: YouTube, Shad

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