LiveWire rolled out the red carpet for its second electric model, the S2 Del Mar Launch Edition, on May 10, 2022. Though the company originally released drawings of the Del Mar draped in an XR750-inspired paint job, the Launch Edition favored futuristic flair with test livery-style graphics and colorways.

Apparently, that switcheroo didn’t deter LiveWire fans from scooping up the new street tracker as soon as the order window opened at 12:40 pm CT. Just 18 minutes later, at 12:58 pm CT, all 100 Launch Edition units were already spoken for, with customers eagerly filling up pre-order slots for the built-to-order electric bike.

While the One tops LiveWire’s range, the Del Mar appeals to a younger, urban crowd. The light (for an electric) 440-pound curb weight and 100-mile city is practical for commuters and metro motorcyclists, but the 59.6 kW (80 horsepower) provides more than enough excitement on the streets.

The S2 Launch Edition’s paint scheme may not draw from Harley heritage, but the tracker style translates well to the street. With 19-inch wheels, dirt track-style Dunlop DT1 tires, a tapered tail section, and number plate-inspired fly screen, the Del Mar still captures the stance and silhouette of a classic flat tracker. That styling certainly plays into current trends, but one question remains: will the S2 Del Mar production model garner the same success as the Launch Edition.

Starting at $15,000, the production version won’t tout the same special-edition wheels and livery as the limited-run trim. While the Launch Edition sold out in less than 20 minutes, LiveWire may have to reveal more information to court a broader audience. For example, the launch materials provided by the brand don’t list highway range or recharge times, two very important specifications for prospective electric bike buyers.

There’s no doubt that the LiveWire S2 Del Mar is off to a great start with the $17,699 Launch Edition, but we’re also curious to see how the platform performs on a larger scale when the production model hits dealerships.

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