National Awareness Months have grown in popularity over the years. While many cater to identities and illnesses, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is something all riders can get behind. Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is on board too, and throughout the month of May the organization is encouraging motorists to keep an eye out for riders with the #SeeMotorcycles campaign.

May typically marks the beginning of the riding season in the U.S., and market analysts anticipate more motorcycles and scooters on the road in 2022. According to a Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) survey, 57 percent of riders believe they will turn to two wheels more often, due in part to rising gas prices. MIC also reports that motorcycle and scooter sales have risen by nearly 22 percent since 2019. With more riders on the road, driver education is key.

“May has been the traditional start of the riding season for many across the country because the weather is getting warmer and the days longer,” noted MSF CEO Erik Pritchard. “That’s why it’s a great time to remind drivers to actively look out for motorcyclists, and for riders who are taking their bikes out of hibernation to do a thorough pre-ride inspection.”

As all riders know, though, you can’t solely rely on fellow motorists for your personal safety. MSF also promotes riders brushing up on their skills and awareness at a safety course throughout the riding season. In the midst of the pandemic, MSF calculated a 48-percent rise in safety course participation and the organization forecasts similar numbers in 2022.

“Riding a motorcycle is such a fun way to get around. But a rider’s number one priority should be safety,” stated Pritchard. “That means following the rules of the road, wearing safety gear each and every time they ride, and using smart street strategies.”

Along with drivers looking twice for motorcyclists and scooterists, riders can also prioritize lane position and Hi-Viz gear for extra visibility. MSF knows it takes both riders and drivers to make Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month a success.

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