If you’re reading this, chances are you enjoy riding motorcycles. However, Belgian research group Vias wasn’t so concerned with why riders take to two wheels. Instead, researchers asked 2,963 motorcyclists (over the age of 16) how they enjoy motorbikes. After poring over the data, Vias determined that riders fall into eight different classifications.

First, there’s the Time-Optimizer. This user turns to a motorcycle or scooter to cut down travel time but only relies on two wheels when the weather permits. Time-Optimizers are no small group in the community either, comprising 11.6 percent of the respondents. The Multimodal user also prefers clear skies but uses a motorcycle alongside other forms of transportation. This camp comprises 11 percent of the surveyed riders.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the Unconditional rider. As the name suggests, these riders throw a leg over a bike regardless of the time of day and conditions. Only 9.5 percent of those surveyed fall into this class, but you can bet they’re a diehard bunch. Conversely, the Tactician keeps all its mobility options open, only riding a two-wheeler when the vehicle suits the situation. Of those included in the poll, 18.2 percent engage with motorcycles in this way.

Then there's the Good-Vibe Seeker. This rider prioritizes enjoyment over utilitarian purposes. As a result, Good-Vibe Seekers rarely head out when the weather turns damp and 14.2 percent of the survey sample meet these qualifications. The Time-For-Me rider also uses two wheels for leisure activities but the motorbike or scooter can help them escape the pressure of work and family life as well. This group makes up the largest share of the study’s subjects with 18.8 percent.

The Daily User has to get their two-wheeled fix on a regular basis. Similar to the Unconditional rider, the Daily User doesn’t let the weather deter them from hitting the road. Only 7.5 percent of riders meet those standards, though. Lastly, we have the Lifer. This rider has been on two wheels from a very young age, and only 9.2 percent of riders achieve this status. Of course, most Lifers have integrated a four-wheeled vehicle into their lives, but they still represent a dedicated population of the riding community.

If the Vias survey teaches riders anything, it’s that people embrace life on two wheels differently and similarly. In the end, the way you enjoy motorcycles is most important. Which category do you fall into?

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