Making the shift to electric comes with its own set of challenges. Similar to how the industry has gotten used to the internal-combustion engine, once electric vehicles become the norm, there will certainly be tons of hurdles that’ll need to be crossed when it comes to optimizing performance and utility. It isn’t all just about personal mobility, either.

You see, industrial sectors, too, have their own set of challenges. In Europe and Asia, last-mile delivery services are the latest to experiment with electrification. An Indian startup called Dispatch looks to revolutionize the delivery sector, and it’s doing so with a unique electric two-wheeler whose sole purpose in life is to provide utmost utility to its user. We’ve talked about Dispatch before, and how it had plans of rolling out its first two wheelers, supposedly in 2022. However, we all know that the world has been nothing short of a mess in recent times, so the company’s plans were sidetracked.

Dispatch seems to have figured things out now, as the firm recently announced that it would have its first electric scooter ready for delivery come the first half of 2023. Granted, we’re still a ways away from that, as we’re not even through with the first half of 2022. This likely gives dispatch more time to polish the concept it wants to bring to life, which in reality, is actually really cool. Dispatch’s goal is to make last-mile-delivery services a lot easier thanks to an optimized scooter built solely for the task. The brand says that the scooter will be 100-percent made in India, and will be able to withstand harsh road conditions.

The Dispatch Electric Scooter Is Your Modular Delivery Buddy

Design-wise, the scooter boasts a robust steel frame and a modular body that can be outfitted with lots of storage compartments. LED lights ensure utmost visibility at night, while an intuitive digital instrument cluster provides all the necessary riding data. There’s also the possibility to integrate the scooter to your smartphone or tablet, allowing riders to better keep track of their routes and delivery schedules.

Although detailed specifications about the scooter’s performance and range have yet to be revealed, Dispatch does say that the scooter will feature swappable battery technology, further enhancing the scooter’s utility. Dispatch says that it will be optimizing production of the scooter by joining forces with one of the largest electric scooter makers in India. Exactly who they’re referring to remains to be revealed, but Dispatch claims the company has an annual production capacity of six million machines.

The Dispatch Electric Scooter Is Your Modular Delivery Buddy
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