The electrification of cars and motorcycles not only stands a chance to revolutionize the way we get around. It also opens countless doors for new and sustainable practices in the way we conduct business. The last two years saw the rapid increase in popularity of last-mile delivery and ride-sharing services.

The Dispatch Electric Scooter Is Your Modular Delivery Buddy

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing people to stay home and go out only for essential purposes, many companies had to adopt deliveries in order to stay afloat. As a result, the number of scooter and small motorcycle sales began to rise, particularly in Asia and Europe, as more and more people were using these machines for small business in the game of fulfilling delivery-based orders. Naturally, with electric scooters and motorcycles being regarded as sustainable personal mobility solutions, the same can be said when it comes to last-mile delivery and ride-sharing services. 

It was with that in mind that EV startup, Dispatch, opened its doors and developed a concept geared specifically towards business owners in the field of last-mile delivery and ride-sharing. The Dispatch electric scooter features a modular design, allowing its owner to configure it in multiple ways to fulfill a myriad of purposes.  That said, the scooter can be configured with front and rear luggage racks perfect for the delivery of parcels, small packages, and food items. It can also be set up such that there is ample room to carry a passenger—ideal for around-town ride-sharing services. 

The Dispatch Electric Scooter Is Your Modular Delivery Buddy

While the Dispatch electric scooter may look extremely simple and barebones, the company has designed it to mesh seamlessly with the rider's mobile phone. This enables the rider to seamlessly keep track of his or her deliveries without having to stop and whip out his or her mobile phone in between trips. Furthermore, there will be three options when it comes to the electric powertrain for this scooter. Customers will have the option to choose an electric motor capable of a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour, 60 kilometers per hour, and a high-speed 86-kilometer per hour variant. 

Dispatch claims that the total range will vary from either 200 kilometers to 120 kilometers on a single charge, depending on the variant in question. All versions of the Dispatch electric scooter will come outfitted with two removable lithium-ion battery packs. Now, all this sounds like a solid concept in elevating the user interface of people engaged in last-mile delivery services. Dispatch claims that the scooter will begin production early next year, so we'll have to wait and see what the real world effects of this innovation really are. 

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