We were at the launch of KTM Philippines’ Rider Academy Asia and while Team Orange is all for developing riders in the region to fully utilize its bikes, there’s more to it than just a few classes.

KTM’s definitely no stranger to dirt, and the brand’s a dominant force when it comes to dirt bikes. In fact, the event was a tandem launch for the training academy and the 2022 EXC 300 and 350 EXC Six Days editions, which we also got the chance to test out and ride during the event along with the KTM 390 Adventure.

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We were given a taste of the basics during the event with the instructors on standby to give a few tidbits of advice. The full lecture was not available to us at the time, but there was just enough to keep owners and members of the media interested. Moving forward, KTM Philippines will use the same location and set up to teach riders in the region.

The main announcement was centered around the launch of the Philippine leg of the Riders Academy. KTM Philippines sent over two of its guys to attend the instructor certification held in Thailand which saw 11 trainees from five countries take a course on how to teach riders enduro and off-road skills.

As for the classes available to riders in the region, there are two disciplines that KTM will cover, the first being adventure riding and then enduro training. Following that, there will be three levels for aspiring students to choose from and those are bronze, silver, and gold. The higher you go, the more skills will be taught to you and the gnarlier the course becomes.

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KTM is not only looking to teach riders to be better off the road, but it also wants to foster talents in the local region. The management of KTM Philippines also stated that the region dreams of putting a Filipino up on the world stage someday and that the program was dreamed up believing that there is someone somewhere that could be the next big thing in off-road riding, and all the company has to do is foster local talent and provide an opportunity for aspiring off-roaders to learn proper technique.

Starting today, KTM Philippines is on a mission, along with other regions across Asia, to set the stage for talent in the region to develop and hopefully enter the world stage with Team Orange.

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