As weather in the northern hemisphere continues to warm up, new motorcycle sales are predictably picking up after their long winters’ nap (well, in some places). Take Germany, for example. You might not expect the first three months of any year to be particularly great ones for motorcycle sales, but apparently, Germany just saw the single-best quarter of the past 15 years in 2022 Q1. (If that isn’t reason to be optimistic about the upcoming season, we don’t know what is.) 

Just how good was it? According to Motorrad, at least 48,300 total motorcycles and scooters across all segments and displacements were registered in the first three months of 2022. Mind you, Germany is a country filled with approximately 83.24 million people—but still, that’s an impressive number of bikes. The majority of those sales (around 35,000) were of bikes over 125cc in displacement, as well—so it wasn’t just new riders accounting for the uptick in new bike sales. 

That said, plenty of new riders joined the ranks, as about 13,200 of various 125cc bikes rolled into new owners’ hands for that time period. Showing steady growth across the spectrum of riders is important, and key if we want to continue to grow our sport and welcome new people into it. 

What was the best-selling model? You probably have a guess, and if you don’t, we’ll give you a moment right now to come up with one. Are you ready? If your guess was a BMW R 1250 GS, then you deserve a prize! (You can either go buy yourself one to celebrate, or at least get yourself a cupcake or something yummy.) On its own, the 1250 GS sold almost three times as many bikes as the second-place-holder (the Kawasaki Z900) for March sales alone.  

It’s worth bearing in mind that Germany’s classification B196 allows valid drivers’ license holders to also ride 125cc bikes and scooters without first obtaining a motorcycle endorsement. This law has been in place since January, 2020, where it prompted something of a spike in new bike sales upon its introduction. However, as you can see from some of the numbers listed in this breakdown, that’s clearly not the only factor accounting for the rising number of new bike purchases. 

We know that different markets have different factors in play affecting new bike sales—but we’re all for more riders discovering their own new-bike joy. Now, obviously, not every new bike sold is necessarily going to a new rider. Some riders might be on their third, fourth, or tenth bike—and that’s cool! Here’s to new bikes finding new homes with new riders—in Germany, and beyond. 

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