Ducati’s 2022 Q1 sales figures are in, and the numbers continue to look great for the team from Bologna. Over the course of the first three months of the year, Ducati delivered a total of 13,450 new bikes. That’s five percent more than the same period in 2021, and a whopping 40 percent more than the same period in 2020. 

What are Ducati’s most popular bikes right now? By the numbers, and probably unsurprisingly, the Multistrada V4 tops the list, with a total of 2,456 bikes. It’s followed by the Monster in second, at 1,868 bikes, and the Scrambler Icon in third, with 1,557 bikes.  
Ducati’s top five markets for the first quarter of 2022 were Italy, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. Of those, the top three markets all sold over 1,000 bikes on their own. Here are those numbers: 

  • Italy: 2,544 bikes, with growth of 8 percent year-over-year 
  • Germany: 1,382 bikes, with growth of 9 percent YoY 
  • France: 1,153 bikes, with growth of 29 percent YoY 
  • United Kingdom: 860 bikes, with growth of 46 percent YoY 
  • Brazil: 241 bikes, with growth of 21 percent YoY 

There’s more good news from Ducati HQ, as well. “Ducati's order book at the end of the quarter is up by 83% over the same period of 2021, demonstrating the success that the recently presented range is already having with customers,” Ducati VP of global and after-sales, Francesco Milicia, said in a statement. 

“The figures achieved by Ducati during the first three months of the year, while setting a new record, are the result of a strong demand for a product that has to deal with extraordinary difficulty in the world of supplies, especially for all motorcycle components equipped with semiconductors. Delays in supply chains are unfortunately affecting our ability to deliver bikes on schedule, and we apologize to our passionate customers for this. We can guarantee that the company is making every effort to reduce this inconvenience,” he concluded. 

What will Q2 bring for Ducati? As we’re only halfway through April, there’s still plenty of time to find out. The weather’s warming up across the northern hemisphere, and as more riders shake off the icicles, surely at least some of them will be out bike shopping. 

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