If you’re a fan of amazing motorcycle restoration projects that someone took the time to painstakingly edit into video form for YouTube, then you probably already know about RRC Restoration. The guy behind the channel has restored a number of things for our enjoyment and education, and lucky for us, most of them are bikes.  

For those already familiar with RRC, this video is a little different from their usual content. The channel rarely edits music into the mix in its normal videos, but this 916 restoration time lapse is full of appropriate music that sets the mood for what you’re seeing on screen. Thankfully, you do still get to hear sounds from the workshop, so it’s not all music bed, all the time. 

However, if you are familiar with RRC, it does mark a change from the usual style. You see, most of the time, RRC posts a 20- to 30-minute segment diving deep into one part of a bike. Each chapter is presented in a linear way, so you get a solid overview of the whole process from start to finish. It’s also basically workshop ASMR, with all the ambient shop noises you’d expect to hear if you (or anyone) is doing some mechanical work. 

If you find that you like the 916 time lapse but wish there was more of it, that does of course mean you can dive off into RRC Restoration’s playlist for the entire 916 restoration project. That will give you all the in-depth insight into the entire process that you could ever want. One other cool thing about RRC Restoration’s stuff is that there are occasional explanations as and when necessary, but it’s largely a visual channel, showing you all the work that goes into tackling each and every task involved in each project. 

In any case, it’s super satisfying to watch. We hope you enjoy seeing someone so clearly skilled get these great bikes back on (or off) the road. If you do, there’s plenty more RRC Restorations videos where that came from—including non-bike (but still interesting) stuff like old Brembo brake calipers and vintage workshop equipment. 

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