There’s a special kind of joy that comes from knowing you have the power, tools, and skills to rescue a vintage bike from the brink. If you’re the kind of person who sees a challenge where most people would see a scrapheap, this is the video for you.  

In it, you’ll witness an absolute mad genius not only using his mechanical skills, but also taking full advantage of his ace chemistry knowledge. He does this all to pull a clearly much-abused 1969 Ural M63 back from the brink. Get your snacks ready, settle in, and prepare to have your jaw hit the floor at least once.  

We don’t know this guy’s history with bikes, but it’s clear this is far from being his first rodeo. The great thing about videos like these is that if you aren’t as experienced as this guy clearly is, you can learn so much. Even if you’re already anywhere near his level, the way it’s executed, shot, and edited is an absolute joy to watch. This video probably has something for just about everyone, because it’s incredibly satisfying to watch on multiple levels.  

For example, I very much enjoy the meditative aspect of cleaning up bike parts with a wire wheel and a rotary tool. Even so, I did NOT expect the wheel rims this guy took off the M63 to come out so cleanly as they did after he was done with them. This guy’s chemical applications and solutions to common vintage bike restoration issues are nothing short of absolutely magical.  

While the finished project is undeniably beautiful, there’s a beauty and a joy in journeying through the process with him. In a way, it’s kind of fitting that he’s restoring a bike with a sidecar, because he’s definitely taking us all on an absolutely delightful ride as we eagerly look on. Grab your goggles and your thick woolen mittens, and let’s go. 

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