Are you having a bit of a rough time during these first two weeks of 2021? If so, I mean, you’re definitely not alone. While it’s true that bikes make just about everything better, some things are a bit of a tall order for even the most magical of motorbikes to fix. Still, no matter how many replacement 10mm sockets you have to buy, you have to keep trying, right? Right. 

Friends, it’s time to introduce you to both the incredible talent and comedic stylings of Uncle George. In this video, you get to see him take an IZH Planeta 3 and totally rip it in a snowy Latvian forest. For those unfamiliar, his trusty steed is a Soviet-built 350cc two-stroke that’s approximately 40-ish years old. According to him, it probably made about 20 horsepower when it was new. 

IZH named its Planeta after Russia’s mighty aerospace accomplishments, and the company based its designs on old pre-war DKWs. There’s a certain charm to a design like this, particularly when you come across examples that someone has taken the time to restore. Most of these bikes haven’t had the easiest lives, since they were intended to be workhorses that took something of a beating as everyday bikes. Still, as with any bike, you can always tell when you find one that’s been well cared-for.  


You’re not here to contemplate buying one of these for yourself, though. You’re here to watch Uncle George, and after you see him in action, who wouldn’t be? If watching this YouTube video isn’t enough for you, check out this tiny ice wheelie clip he posted on Instagram.  

Winter is a notoriously rough time of year for many motorcyclists, but Uncle George is living proof that it doesn’t have to be. Sure, we may not all be anywhere near this good at whipping and/or ripping it in the snow or on the ice, but he probably didn’t start out this good. Everyone has to start somewhere. By the way, what are you doing this weekend? 

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