Moto love at first sight.

Sometimes, a motorcycle is far more than just a simple two-wheeled vehicle. It can become such a part of who you are that it’s almost like another body part. If you have to let it go for some reason, it can practically be painfulYou’ll do what you have to do, of course, but you won’t be the same without it.  

That’s what happened to Vince Zandbelt’s father. He’d recently turned 90, but had to give up his beloved DKW around 60 years ago when he moved to Ontario, Canada. Naturally, that bike had tons of great memories associated with it, from marrying the woman he loved (who was also Vince’s mom, and his wife of a lifetime), to riding around with friends and family. Once he left the bike behind, the only physical mementos of that time he had were some photos. 

Photos become increasingly important over time, because they can instantly transport us back to specific sights, sounds, feelings, and even smells associated with whatever it is we’re remembering. While they're nice, they’re hardly the same as actually having your beloved bike around, no matter how big and beautiful a canvas print you have made of your favorites.  

If you want an excellent example, all you have to do is watch this video. Little by little, son Vince brings out bits and pieces related to his dad’s history with his beloved DKW. Dad smiles politely, but you don’t get to see him completely light up until his son wheels out his actual bike, which the family had lovingly restored to give back to him for his 90th birthday and 60th wedding anniversary.  

It isn’t just his eyes, or even his face. The way the man carries himself, and even the way he sits is different after receiving this bike back into his life. It’s not just another bike of the same model; it’s HIS DKW, and it’s been beautifully restored so that it runs like a champ when they fire it up. The process wasn’t easy, and most definitely wasn’t cheap, but to the Zandbelt family, it was absolutely priceless.  

Source: YouTube 

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