Most of the time, when an ad agency tries to talk to you about family, or about What Really Matters™, it feels totally contrived and you see right through it almost immediately. That kind of advertising is so overused now that it’s not even really noteworthy anymore. We just shrug it off and go on about our days, not even remembering what we just saw a couple of minutes ago. Fake folksiness is like empty calories for our audiovisual intake, and we let go of them just as quickly.  

Every once in a while, though, someone making ads hits a note that feels like there’s some genuine feeling behind it. Sure, Royal Enfield wants you to buy Himalayans. Everyone watching this video is well aware of that. However, this ad feels more like it was made by actual riders instead of some group of faceless suits who’ve never set foot on a bike. That helps a lot. 

Anyone who loves riding wants to take their bike and go somewhere. Where, though? Most days of the week, your route might be pretty much the same, just by necessity. If you commute on your bike, that’s undoubtedly true. You want to take the best way to get you to work on time, with the least amount of aggravation. After work, you might have energy to go explore, or you might just want to come straight home.  

When you’re just out riding for yourself, with no hard deadlines, what do you do? Most of us say “let’s see where THAT bit goes!” and then turn off our current path to find out. That’s the spirit Royal Enfield channeled with this ad, and that’s why it rings so true. It’s a universal feeling that they’ve tapped intoand definitely one of the things that unites many of us as riders. Whether you’re living your personal adventure in the saddle of a Himalayan or not is beside the point, although of course they hope you’ll at least think about it. Since this ad is fairly memorable, chances are better that you might. 

Source: YouTube 

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