A few years back, Touratech organized its Touratech Adventure Day event in Australia, as a way to bring adventure enthusiasts together for camaraderie, as well as a look at all the coolest new gear available. Up until the pandemic struck, it was an event regularly hosted by the aftermarket accessories company in Oz. As you’d expect, its primary purpose was to showcase all the latest and greatest in outdoor and adventure accessories that you might want to pack onto your trusty ADV steed.  

As with so many things, however, the global pandemic meant the event was canceled in 2020 and 2021. While riders all over (not just in Australia) were apparently taking to their adventure and off-road bikes in droves, a gathering like that just didn’t seem like the best idea. In 2022, the pandemic isn’t over—but the current situation has shifted to the point where Touratech Australia feels it’s time for a 2022 Touratech Adventure Day once more. 

For 2022, the event will be held at Touratech Australia’s Adventure Centre, located at 1933 Carboor-Everton Road in Carboor, Victoria. While Touratech is of course well known for its line of motorcycle accessories and riding gear, the plan is to also include camping gear and other useful accessories to enhance your adventures.  

It won’t just be a 3D catalog of new gear you can buy, though. Experts will be on hand to help riders improve their skills. As with any event bringing like-minded people together, it’s also an excellent chance to get to know other adventure riders in the area, hear travel stories (and share some of your own), and perhaps even make riding plans for the future.

Events like this, after all, are usually more about the unique sense of community that forms around them rather than whatever new farkles are on display. You could meet your best lifetime riding buddy while you’re picking up a new set of handguards to replace your busted ones; you never know! 

Touratech Australia will host this year’s event on Saturday, May 28, 2022. Although full details have yet to be released at the time of writing, there’s an official Facebook Event signup page that Touratech Australia has set up if you want to stay informed. We’ll link it in our Sources so you can sign up if you’re interested. 

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