BMW Motorrad Australia has been offering intensive off-road training via the BMW GS Off-Road Training courses since 2013. Headed by certified BMW Motorrad International Instructor Academy trainers, the program is once again opening its doors to both veterans and first timers alike this year. 

BMW Is Offering More GS Off-Road Training Courses In Australia

The GS Off-Road Training courses for this year will once again be headed by Shane Booth and Chris Urquhart, both of whom have been coaching in the course since 2013. The duo spent practically their whole lives riding off-road motorcycles. They both began riding at a very young age and pursued a competitive motocross racing career until their mid-twenties. The GS Off-Road Training courses offer a variety of challenges designed specifically to hone your riding skills and prepare you to tackle anything that comes your way. Here's the complete list of training courses on offer, as well as their scheduled dates:

  • Feb 12-13: Adventure Skills Moondyne, WA $695
  • Feb 17-18: Adventure Skills Dargle, NSW $695
  • Feb 19-20: Adventure Skills Kenilworth, QLD $695
  • Feb 25-26: Adventure Skills Broadford, VIC $695
  • Apr 19-20: Adventure Skills Queensland Moto Park, QLD $69
  • Apr 21-22: Adventure Skills Broadford, VIC $69
  • May 21-22: Adventure Expert Kirup, WA $695
  • May 25: Adventure Prep Dargle, NSW $39
  • May 26-27: Adventure Skills Dargle, NSW $695
  • May 28-29: Adventure Expert Dargle, NSW $695
  • Jun 11-12: Adventure Skills Moondyne, WA $695
  • Jul 19-20: Adventure Skills Kenilworth, QLD $695
  • Jul 21-22: Adventure Expert Kenilworth, QLD $695
  • Jul 28: Adventure Prep Broadford, VIC $39
  • Jul 29-30: Adventure Skills Broadford, VIC $69
  • Jul 31 - Aug 1: Adventure Expert Broadford, VIC $695
  • Aug 13-14: Adventure Skills Moondyne, WA $695

The most popular training course in its arsenal is the Adventure Skills course which serves as the foundational course for aspiring adventure riders. Those of you with no off-road experience all the way up to experienced adventure riders looking for better control and confidence off-road will definitely benefit from this course. This is, however, far from a beginner's course, and BMW says that you'll learn how to be comfortable with the size and weight of your bike, clutch and throttle abilities, braking skills,  climbing and descending hills, cornering, and more.

Apart from the basic Adventure Skills course, several other specialized training programs are also on offer. For instance, there's a ladies-specific course, as well as a course meant to teach you everything you need to know about preparing for a long-haul adventure. There's even one that teaches you how to ride specifically on loose, sandy surfaces. Now, if you happen to be in Australia, and are keen on improving your off-road riding skills, be sure to visit the GS Off-Road Training website linked below to register for your course of choice. Slots are filling up fast, and certain courses are already sold out. 

Once you've taken the classes and built your off-road confidence, you may want to elevate your adventure riding by participating in the BMW Motorrad GS Safari. The off-road event is slated to happen this year in the beautiful desert landscape of Tasmania. The event will run for six days, from Sunday, May 1 all the way to Friday, May 6, 2022. 

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