Adventure riding has been gaining popularity all over the world in recent years. Not only has this resulted in the influx of new, more affordable, and more feature-rich adventure bikes, it also provides the opportunity for motorcycle tourism to grow. Several ADV-oriented motorcycle tours have been popping up left and right, the latest of which is the San Andreas 300 Dual-Sport ADV Ride, organized by Exit Motorcycle Tours.

The San Andreas 300 Dual-Sport ADV Ride gives off-road and adventure enthusiasts the chance to take their bikes to one of the most scenic destinations in the Central Coast of California, the San Andreas Fault. The tour is open to any rider with the skills to conquer the terrain, as well as either an enduro, dual-sport, or adventure bike with enough off-road-focused amenities to traverse the landscape. The tour will feature several trails suited for varying skill levels, and will run for four days, from April 29 through May 2, 2022.

On the weekend, two classic enduro trails, the Hi Mountain Enduro in Pozo and the Leapin’ Lizard in Ballinger Canyon will be open for riders to explore. Additionally, a two-day ride through the San Andreas Fault Zone is available, too. It’ll consist of loops around Ballinger Canyon over the weekend, and a ride back to Pozo on Sunday. Meanwhile, trail sections with three levels of difficulty will be open all weekend, and are categorized for A, B, and C riders.

For riders who choose to stay until Monday, a ride to Pismo Beach, as well as dual-sport loops in Pozo will be open for you to choose from. All the roads in the tour will consist of two-track dirt roads and pavement, so it should be suitable for most ADV bikes. Additionally, GPS trackers, lodging and camping amenities, fuel portage, as well as meals and a T–shirt are included in the package. That being said, it’s looking like a busy weekend for the San Andreas 300 Dual-Sport ADV Ride, so you may want to plan ahead and see which tours you’d like to go on beforehand.

For those of you interested in signing up for this adventure ride, head on over to Cali Dual Sport’s website linked below for more information, as well as to sign up for this ride. Doors open on the evening of Friday, April 29, 2022, with camping in a private ranch in Pozo.

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