Enduro and dual-sport bikes continue to get lighter, more powerful, and more efficient than ever before. As the demands of both the casual and competitive enduro scene evolve, so too, must the technology present in the machines. When it comes to range-topping off-road performance, the Pierer Mobility Group has you covered with three of its brands offering an extensive lineup of off-road two-wheelers.

We’ve long been familiar with KTM and its orange lineup of dual-sports and enduros. You could say that KTM serves as the foundation of the company’s off-road DNA, as Husqvarna’s bikes, also under the Pierer Group, are based on the same platform as their orange cousins, albeit styled in a different manner. The same can be said about GASGAS. Pierer Mobility acquired the Spanish manufacturer back in July, 2020, and integrated the company completely into its two-wheeler portfolio.

Since then, GASGAS has enjoyed solid performance, with its model range being fueled by the innovation of the likes of KTM and Husqvarna. That said, the company has already unveiled its 2023 model lineup consisting of four bikes. The previous year models were already really good, and relatively fresh from an update, so it isn’t really surprising that the 2023 updates consist mostly of aesthetic and styling enhancements.

GasGas Proudly Introduces 2023 Enduro Model Lineup

GASGAS’ enduro lineup consists of four bikes spread across two categories—two-stroke and four-stroke. Its two-stroke lineup consists of the EC 250 and EC 300, both of which share the same engines as their KTM siblings. They both come with TPI engines which feature advanced electronic fuel-injection systems that reduce emissions, increase performance, and eliminate the need to use jet kits. Meanwhile, GASGAS’ four-stroke models consist of the EC 250F and EC 350F, which make use of KTM’s race-proven powertrain.

As for standard equipment, GASGAS’ bikes are equipped with some of the best stuff out there. They all get a steel monorail frame and aluminum subframe that keeps the chassis stiff yet lightweight. Only the best suspension consisting of WP’s XACT suspension, as well as Bractec hydraulics for the brake and clutch offer superb feel and handling. Lastly, forged steering plates ensure that the bikes are extremely robust, and capable of handling the most gnarly of terrain.

GasGas Proudly Introduces 2023 Enduro Model Lineup

As for pricing and availability, the EC 250 retails for 10,200 Euros, or around $11,220, while the EC 300 fetches 10,600 Euros, translating to $11,660. The four-stroke models are a tad pricier with the EC 250F retailing for 10,700 Euros ($11,770 ), and the EC 350F going for 11,200 Euros, or the equivalent of $12,320. Do note, however, that prices for the new GASGAS model range may vary depending on where in the world you’re from.

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