New GASGAS models are coming to dealers this March. Ten new models will be available with brand new colors, and there’s a package for just about anyone who is looking for a dirtbike. Whether you’re a seasoned dirt rider, or someone that is just starting out, there’s likely going to be a model for you. If you’re on the shorter side of things, however, you need not worry as the minibikes will be made available sometime in May of this year.

All of the 10 new MX models get a new red paint scheme that’s loud, and very red. The lineup caters to everyone regardless of age or abilities, so there’s a package in the lineup for pretty much any rider looking to get a capable dirtbike. Expect these bikes to be a more affordable version of its Ready To Race cousin’s models, just not in orange and with a few other performance package differences. 

2023 GASGAS Dirtbike Lineup

Lightweight, compact, capable, and equipped with stellar parts, the new GASGAS models offer an emphasis on performance and fun for all kinds of riders. Starting out with the two-strokes, the MC 125 and MC 250 models, feature a high-revving motor that comes as full-sized bikes.

2023 GASGAS Dirtbike Lineup

Among the four-stroke options, the full-size models include the MC 250F, MC 350F, and the range-topping MC 450F. These bikes offer different levels of performance but still retain the sharpness and handling that is brought on by WP Suspension.

The full-sized lineup consists of five models, but GASGAS has also unveiled a range of minibikes that’ll be available sometime in May of this year. These models will suit kids and smaller individuals who still want to throw around some dirt on two wheels. There are five minibikes available in the lineup that cater to all ages. There’s even an all-electric model called the MC-E 5, which is similar in size to the “rev ‘n’ go” MC 50 that’s powered by good ol’ gasoline.

2023 GASGAS Dirtbike Lineup

Stepping up is the MC 65, which adds a six-speed transmission to the package for added capability. Then following that is the MC 85, which can come in either a small wheel or big wheel version. Again, all of these mini bikes from the MC-E 5 all the way to the MC 85 will be made available in GASGAS dealerships by May of 2022.

On top of this, GASGAS is also offering a full range of accessories and apparel so going to the dealership is essentially a one-stop-shop before you hit the trail. From upgraded brake and exhaust systems to new triple clamps and wheels, expect there to be something for your GASGAS bike. The brand’s apparel is also fit for riders of all ages and sizes while also offering style and comfort that’s tailored for motocross. Kids and adults will likely have a great time at a GASGAS dealer by May. Until then, however, it looks like the adults will have most of the fun for now.

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