On March 31, 2022, Triumph Motorcycles America issued a safety recall for all 2022 Speed Triple 1200 RR and Speed Triple 1200 RS bikes due to the risk of a rear brake disc bolt unexpectedly loosening. If one of the rear brake disc bolts loosens, it could interfere with other components in the vicinity, and prevent the wheel from rotating freely as it should.  

Approximately 910 bikes are believed to be affected, which represents 100 percent of the population. Upon investigation, Triumph found the issue to be “an incorrect thread form in the rear axle [which] fails to activate the thread locking compound delivered by the mating bolt.” Here is a breakdown of affected models, production dates, and VINs: 

  • 2022 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS bikes produced between February 3, 2021 and February 11, 2022, with VINS ranging from SMTP01ST6NTAF7370 to SMTP01ST3NTBA2698 
  • 2022 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR bikes produced between September 2, 2021 and February 8, 2022, with VINS ranging from SMTP02ST1NTAW2194 to SMTP02ST4NTBA1372 

According to Triumph, riders of affected 2022 Speed Triple RS or RR bikes may hear a strange noise coming from the rear of their motorcycle as a warning that this problem exists on their bikes. Authorized Triumph dealers will replace rear brake disc bolts on all affected bikes under this Triumph Motorcycles America safety recall.  

Because the affected bikes would have been covered under the manufacturer’s existing limited warranty, Triumph did not file a reimbursement plan with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding owners who may have already have had this repair performed prior to the recall being issued. According to the OEM, it should have been covered under the existing warranty, and owners should not have had to pay out of pocket for any such repairs. 

Triumph has not yet released a notification schedule for either dealers or owners of affected bikes, but it should be forthcoming in the near future. Triumph’s number for this recall is SRAN 596. Owners may contact Triumph Customer Service at 1-678-854-2010. Additionally, NHTSA’s campaign number for this recall is 22V-207. Owners may also contact the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153) or go to www.nhtsa.gov. 

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