BMW Motorrad Italia established its GS Academy school in 2007. Since then, the off-road riding school has helped countless adventurers improve their skills with dedicated courses. However, attending such an immersive experience can be intimidating for newer riders, so the GS Academy is expanding its offerings in 2022 with some less intense courses.

The GS Academy will continue to offer riding courses and on-the-trail experiences, but the curriculum will also cater to various skill levels. The school’s fleet now spans the entire GS lineup. From the entry-level G 310 GS to the range-topping R 1250 GS, the Academy bikes allow riders of all sizes, experiences, and skills to partake in the fun.

The GS Academy will feature five classes in 2022. For new and aspiring riders, the Welcome Rider course helps attendees get their first taste of dirt aboard the G 310 GS. Those interested don’t need a motorcycle license to register, and the highly-trained instructors ensure maximum safety for all participants.

Above the Welcome Rider tier, GS Training teaches students basic off-road riding techniques on the G 310 GS, F 850 GS, or R 1250 GS. Those looking for a more bespoke program can opt for the GS For You class. In addition to the school’s bikes, riders can pilot their own GS as instructors tailor the curriculum to address both strengths and shortcomings. Adventurers eager to get on the trail can take the multi-day GS Experience excursion or spring for the full-on GS Adventouring option.

Each course will start from the GS Farm, GS Academy’s basecamp, situated between the A1 and A21 motorways in the Piacenza hills. Italian Enduro and Rallye champion Alessandro Tramelli and Enduro and Motocross champion Daniele Madrigali lead the group of highly-skilled instructors. The various packages and bike rentals range in price, but the GS Academy offers courses from March-October, 2022.

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