In 2021, several spy photos of what was speculated to be an all new flagship model in BMW’s GS adventure bike range surfaced online. The images depicted a heavily camouflaged test mule, complete with styling elements meant to deceive the eye. For instance, it had a fake trellis frame on top of the actual subframe, as well as covers in the cylinder heads.

Interestingly, in 2019, BMW also filed trademarks for a whole variety of M-variant bikes, including the M 1300 GS. Now, we can definitely expect BMW to lean heavily towards its M Division when it comes to two-wheelers, as we’re already seeing that in the sportbike game with the M 1000 RR. What exactly was spotted in the photos isn’t entirely certain, it could be a standard R 1300 GS, the M 1300 GS, or maybe even the bigger and badder R 1400 GS, of which rumors have begun floating around recently.

Well, it looks like BMW may have left a little Easter egg that makes the existence of these three bikes—yes, all three—a certainty. The folks at managed to unearth evidence from BMW themselves regarding the existence of these models. How? Well, they found these models as available for-service bikes in BMW’s official online service requisition form. It’s basically an online form wherein you can request for a service schedule through the BMW Global official website. You can input your specific model from an extensive list of bikes dating back decades. You can see for yourself in the source links below.

Could The New BMW R 1300 GS Be On Its Way?
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As it would turn out, someone in the backend was a bit too giddy, and published these models long before they were ever unveiled. Was it done on purpose? Was BMW leaving us some cheeky clues as to what the future holds? Well, it looks like we’ll never know, as the devs behind BMW’s website seem to have covered their tracks. As of this writing, the R 1300 GS, M 1300 GS, and R 1400 GS are no longer listed in the service requisition form.

Now, having said all that, it’ll certainly be exciting to see exactly what BMW has up its sleeve. The announcement could literally come at any time, as BMW has opted out of participating in major industry events, and instead do things via its own platform and in its own time. The new R 1300 GS, as well as all of its derivatives seem to be certain now. While it’s clear that it retains its unmistakable BMW GS aura, the exact specs of the engine, as well as all the fancy electronic aids that’ll be added into the mix, are all up for debate.

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