As we roll into North America’s 2022 riding season, highlights like the One Motorcycle Show are planning to come back bigger and better than ever. There’s still a pandemic on, so organizers are taking plenty of precautions—but they want to show that you can have a great time and keep safe at the same time, and they’re keen to do it. 

2022 marks the 13th annual One Moto Show, which will take place at the historic Zidell Barge Building in Portland, Oregon. The weekend kicks off on April 29, 2022, and runs through May 1, 2022—so you have about a month to plan if you didn’t already have the One Moto Show penciled in on your calendar. 

The whole venue takes up about 122,000 square feet of airy, open space, with a lot of it outdoors. Custom bikes are, of course, the centerpiece of the show—with 200 beautiful custom creations on display for your perusal. The 2022 event will also feature the most bikes built by women that the One Moto Show has hosted since its inception.  

Art, live music, stunt shows, food, drinks, and a family-friendly environment to welcome any and everyone who’s interested in motorcycle culture is what’s cooking in Portland at the end of April. To keep everyone safe, all vendors will offer contactless payment options, and there will of course be copious amounts of hand sanitizer and social distancing. To keep capacity at safe levels, tickets will be sold in increments of four-hour blocks, with 10 separate four-hour block tickets available over the course of the weekend. If you want to attend for longer than four hours, you’ll need to purchase tickets for more than one block. A VIP pass allows access at any time, all weekend, and is available for $100.  

Kids under 12 can attend free with an adult, but must stay with that adult as they visit the show. Kids 12 and over must have tickets of their own. Free motorcycle parking will be available out front, up to capacity—and paid car parking is available nearby in a lot. Street parking may also be available. Well-behaved and leashed dogs are welcome, as long as they stay on their leashes—and the venue is also ADA accessible, so it truly is an event for everyone to attend. 

If you’re looking to get involved in the One Moto Show for 2022, bike submissions have closed for this year—but volunteer, art showcase, and vendor opportunities are still available. Be sure to check out the One Moto Show’s page for more info on any or all of these opportunities.  

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