If there’s one thing you can say for 2020, it’s that the year taught all of us about delayed gratification. While the pandemic is unfortunately still with us in April, 2021, vaccines are getting into more and more arms every day. That’s at least a small ray of hope in an otherwise dismal time. However, a distinctly motorcycle-shaped ray of hope is the return and relocation of the One Moto Show for 2021.  

Since the beginning, the One Moto Show has never been just any show. So, in that way, the 2021 event is no different. What it will be this year is a very literal breath of fresh air. How do you host a huge custom motorcycle event, but still take all kinds of COVID-19 precautions to keep everyone reasonably safe? It turns out, you move it to a big, breezy place that was originally built for ship-building.  

Portland, Oregon’s historic Zidell Barge Building occupies 122,000 square feet of outdoor space. There’s a main area that is basically outdoors with a roof slapped on top, and that’s where all the 200-plus custom bikes at the One Moto Show 2021 will proudly sit on display. Meanwhile, the vendors will have a special mall area set up outdoors, spaced in an appropriately distanced manner, out in the fresh spring air. Food areas will be outside as well, and will be the only areas where attendees can remove their masks. 

That’s far from all the organizers are doing to ensure that everyone has a great time while staying reasonably virus-safe, though. There’s a whole COVID-19 policy that will be enforced throughout the event, starting with staggered ticket time slots. Right before the event, safe capacity will be determined according to current local pandemic conditions at the time of the show. Organizers will be counting ins and outs to keep the head count at safe levels, and there will be clearly marked one-way paths throughout the show floor to keep everyone flowing through in a safely distanced fashion.  

Foot-pump hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the event, and food and beverage areas will be kept in two areas, both located outside. Masks will be mandatory, except while eating, and social distancing will be enforced between parties. Additionally, vendors will be required to have contactless purchasing options, such as QR code-filled menus. Where contact must occur, high-touch areas will be sanitized repeatedly throughout the day. If your watchwords lately are “cautiously optimistic,” this may be the event for you. 

Dates for the One Moto Show 2021 will be Friday, April 30 through Sunday, May 2, 2021. Time slots will be staggered, and your ticket will only be good for the time slot you select to help keep capacity levels at safe levels. VIP ticket purchasers will be able to choose more than one time slot as part of that package. At the end of each time slot, staff will clear out the venue before inviting the next round of attendees in to enjoy all the beautiful bikes. Tickets are on sale now at the One Moto Show website. 

Honestly, it sounds like the One Moto Show is trying its best to keep a balance between sharing an awesome event that so many people love, and keeping all those people as safe as they can at the same time. The venue itself sounds pretty incredible. Here’s hoping it’s the much-needed amazing time that moto fans, art fans, and everyone who knows those two things go together regularly want.  

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