We were treated to the concept of a new CFMoto sportbike last year, which was sick. The bike was a pure showcase piece of what the brand could achieve. The single-sided swingarm alone gave me the impression that CFMoto’s going big.

Well, they are, in a manner of speaking. The largest-displacement sportbike is the 300SR, which has a single-cylinder motor. Recently, CFMoto posted on some of its social media pages (none on the main page) about a new sportbike called the 450SR, which bears a very striking resemblance to the C21-SR concept that was shown last year.

Gallery: CFMoto SR-C21 Concept

A few posts on Facebook show an image of the brand-new SR’s front fascia with the caption: “Power is as strong as 500CC. Weight is as light as 250CC.” The power figures were also included in the post, and it read 37 kilowatts (49.6 horsepower) and 39 Newton-meters of torque (28.7 foot-pounds). In the 400cc to 500cc category of motorcycles, that figure is quite respectable, which is strikingly similar to the Kawasaki Ninja 400 and Honda CBR500R. In this class of bikes, every cubic centimeter and horsepower counts, and the 450SR will supposedly square up well against its Japanese competitors. Perhaps the post’s caption was aimed squarely at the Honda CBR500R.

The similarities continue as the 450SR will get a parallel-twin engine with 449ccs of displacement. It is said that the model will be capable of achieving speeds of 190 kilometers per hour, or 118 miles per hour for us Stateside.

As for its other specifications, sources claim that the 450SR will get a single front brake disc, an upside-down front fork, a rear monoshock mounted on a double-sided swingarm. Bosch 9.1 ABS is also standard.

CFMoto 450SR Teaser Photo

The bodywork of the 450SR will have quite a few similarities to the concept, CFMoto swapped out the single-sided swingarm with a more down-to-earth double-sided unit and the fact that it actually will have LED headlights to go with its mean DRLs. Furthermore, I’m happy to see that the winglets were transferred over from the concept, though I’m not quite sure just how much it needs those winglets. The concept also showcased quite a bit of flair with the rear-set footpegs, SC Project dual exhaust, dual-front disc brakes, and Öhlins suspension.

Now, I’m not that disappointed that the model didn’t take everything from the concept. That’s not what I’m trying to get at here. The new CFMoto 450SR, in all respects, is shaping up to be a real competitor in the 400cc category. With about 50 horses to play with, it would make for a nice beginner sportbike. Perhaps it could give either Kawasaki or Honda a run for their money if it comes to the United States. First and foremost, expect the launch of the 450SR to happen real soon in China first, then it’ll be a little while before CFMoto brings it to the rest of the world.

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