Part of the excitement of owning a sportbike is definitely the racing heritage ingrained in the machine. This is particularly true if you own any one of the YZF-R range of sportbikes from Yamaha, even if it’s the newest, and not-super-fast YZF-R7. While on paper the R7 was meant to replace the R6, many enthusiasts beg to differ, stating that the new bike is so much less potent than the inline-four machine.

No matter how you look at it, the YZF-R7 was never meant to match the cutting-edge capabilities of the R6, but rather, provide a more approachable sportbike experience, and ultimately appealing to a wider range of audiences. It was because of this Yamaha was supposed to field an R7 in the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance race in 2020, a race that was ultimately canceled due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, the bike was built, and it was a mighty fine looking machine. Now, Yamaha is letting fans and patrons replicate the race bike by releasing a fairing set similar to what was seen on the race bike, complete with the striking livery, too.

It’s called the YZF-R7 YAMALUBE Exterior Set, and it’s basically a full fairing kit along with some other pieces of bodywork that’s meant to transform your otherwise plain-looking R7 into a race-replica, specifically, the endurance racer of the Tuning Fork Company. The fairing kit features a beautiful blue and black motif, a direct copy of the YART Yamaha Official EWC Team. The colorwork consists of a lot of gradients fading from blue to black, as well as small elements such as subtle red striping, and a bunch of sponsor logos. Fitting your bike with this kit is sure to transform its look into a race bike for the street.

Dress Your Yamaha R7 Up With The Limited Edition Suzuka 8 Hours Livery

What’s interesting is that the fairings were painted by robots, using a similar technique as the Sunburst colorway found in the Yamaha SR400. I guess this means that all kits are exactly the same in terms of finish and quality, as the robots were programmed to paint the bodywork in a specific way. The entire kit consists of a front fender, left and right belly pan, headlight cowl, lower fairing, left and right tail garnishes, and top, left, and right tank covers.

The Yamaha YZF-R7 YAMALUBE Exterior Sett isn’t cheap, either, and will fetch JPY 220,000, or the equivalent of $1,800 USD. Yamaha is expected to release the kit for purchase in August, 2022. Meanwhile, bikes outfitted with the kit will be displayed in the Tokyo and Nagoya Motorcycle Shows.

Dress Your Yamaha R7 Up With The Limited Edition Suzuka 8 Hours Livery
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