It’s only the third month of 2022, but Cub House by Honda Thailand is back at it with another special, limited-edition Honda Monkey Custom. Launched on March 17, 2022, the Cody Clover edition is all about the ridin’ o’ the green, so you can take your lucky clover with you all year round. Each one comes with a serial number on the tank, in keeping with its strictly limited-edition nature. 

How many Cody Clover edition Honda Monkeys is Cub House releasing? Just 200 will be made, in total. For those keeping count, that’s 50 more than each of the two limited-edition One Piece designs that Cub House introduced earlier in the year. Those designs come in editions of 150 apiece. As with all Cub House Honda Monkey Customs, though—when they’re gone, they’re gone. 

What sets the Honda Monkey Cody Clover Edition apart? Black alloy wheels give a nice contrast to the green, cream, and chrome found elsewhere on the bike. The seat remains the same friendly, puffy-looking unit with white piping around the edge, but it sits atop a unique paint and graphics scheme that’s carried through on the side covers and the tank. 

Gallery: Cub House Honda Monkey Custom Cody Clover Edition

The left side cover features a green and cream-colored theme, with a Z125 Monkey and a three-leaf clover design painted in the middle, just to the left of the keyhole. The tank features a Cody Clover graphic on the side, as well as a Honda logo and the words “Monkey Edition.” As with the side cover, there’s a green border, then a gold pinstripe to separate it from the cream space on which the graphic and text are applied.  

On the top of the tank, close to the front edge of the seat, there’s a clover graphic with the serial number. Here, the tank is green, so the clover is formed by a white outline with a gold serial number overlay. Beneath the clover is some swoopily-written cursive text that says “St. Patrick's Day.” If you’re the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day and Honda Monkey fan, and/or you just love green and/or clovers, this is clearly the special-edition Monkey for you. 

Pricing for the Cub House Honda Monkey Custom Cody Clover Edition is ฿109,900, or about $3,298. As with other Cub House Monkey customs, there’s not much chance that we’ll see them outside of Thailand—but if you’re there, and you’re bike shopping, you’ll want to get your order in quickly if you want one.

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