Super73 is best known in the e-bike space, which exists somewhere between traditional pedaled bicycles and full-on motorbikes. On March 15, 2022, Super73 introduced its new C1X electric concept--which is the Southern California e-bike specialist’s first crack at a proper motorcycle. To reiterate, it is still only a concept at this stage, so we only have a selection of details (and a lot of photos) to peruse. With that in mind, let’s dive right in. 

Super73’s C1X was developed in response to something that Super73 says its customers have been requesting for some time. While e-bikes are great at what they do, they obviously have limitations. You don’t need a special license for them, it’s true—but you also can’t go as fast or as far as you could if you had a full-on motorbike of some kind.  

The C1X concept features “a targeted top speed in excess of 75 mph.” That means riders will need a motorcycle endorsement on their licenses in order to ride one—but the benefits seem pretty clear. Since it’s a concept, Super73 hasn’t released specific details about the powertrain or battery situation, other than giving us an idea of where it’s placed as we look at photos. 

Gallery: Super73 C1X Concept

Here’s a stat that Super73 wants you to know about the C1X: It has a 51-inch wheelbase, making it pretty small. For comparison’s sake, a 2022 Yamaha R1 has a 55.3-inch wheelbase. At the other end of the moto spectrum, a 2022 Honda Grom has a 47.2-inch wheelbase. That puts the C1X just about in the middle. Super73 also says that the C1X is extremely lightweight, but it doesn’t give any concrete figures about the weight just yet. 

Seat height is 31 inches. The wheels are 15-inch units, which are smaller than most modern motorcycle wheels, yet simultaneously larger than most modern scooter wheels. The unspecified electric motor is located to the rear of the swingarm pivot point, which Super73 says reduces chain slack. That’s right, this electric motorbike uses a chain drive—not a belt, like most do. There’s no clutch, and no shifting, like you’d expect—but there is a drive chain. 

Other key specs include an estimated 100-mile range on a single charge, as well as claims of a fast-charging time of 80 percent in a single hour. The Super73 C1X is still a concept—so we must repeat here, we don’t have any details to bolster these claims at this point. Companies can say what they want, of course—but the proof will be in the real-world riding experience.  

If all goes according to plan, the Super73 C1X is planned for a late 2023 production date. The company is taking reservations for it now, to the tune of—you guessed it—just $73. These deposits are fully refundable, will secure a rider’s place in line, and will give them the opportunity to provide feedback as Super73 edges closer to full production on the C1X. You can find more information and place a deposit at the link in our Sources if you’re interested.

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