As we get deeper into the roaring 2020s, the way we get around on two wheels continues to shift and change. Way back at the beginning, the concept of motorcycles started with someone wanting to stick a small engine in a bicycle frame to make mobility easier. It’s how the Ducati Cucciolo came to be—which makes it extra fitting that California-based e-bike maker Super73 recently built a one-off Ducati Corse tribute bike. 

Ducati is inextricably intertwined with a very specific shade of red, so using that as the main color choice was the only sensible choice for Super73’s design team. A pair of gold forks up front add a regal touch to the composition, along with attention to small details such as the contrasting red piping on the black, anti-slip fabric of the saddle. 

Super73 even took care to incorporate design cues from an older Ducati logo into its design for the rear wheel, all the while being certain to retain its Super73 brand identity throughout the bike. After all, this creation was meant as a singular homage, nothing more and nothing less. That particular shade of seafoam green on the rear wheel also calls to mind classic Ducati designs, only of course in a thoroughly modern, 2022 context. 

Gallery: Super73 Ducati Corse Tribute

Is this bike a show bike, or does Super73 intend to do something more with it? That part’s not clear at this point. Still, it’s Super73’s way of tipping the hat to Ducati Corse and the overall contributions that Ducati has made to racing history on two wheels. The singular passion that Ducati and its fans both share serves as a source of inspiration for those that came afterward, and will likely continue to do so long into the future. It’s hard to overstate the influence Ducati has had on the industry, in all its many and evolving tendrils. Today it’s e-bikes, but who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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