Actor Rahul Kohli achieved recent fame through his role as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti in iZombie, as well as for Owen Sharma in The Haunting of Bly Manor. Kohli has never appeared in the franchise, but as a huge fan, he would likely want to if given the opportunity. Lucas Disney has not yet knocked on his door, but thanks to the fabricators at Super73, he can get a little speeder bike practice in before his eventual audition.

Super73 designed the custom bike in collaboration with Kohli to achieve the effect he was looking for: more than a passing resemblance to the iconic TIE fighter. The entire bike is matte black with red accents and underglow, including the Imperial logo on the "gas tank." The whole bike is literally wired for sound, and the extensive use of exposed wire loom adds to the bike's industrial, Imperial appearance.

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"Wired for sound" is not just a metaphor. "That’s not weird buzzword marketing," says Super73’s chief marketing officer, Michael Cannavo. "We connected with some of the top builders in the movie props business to obtain the advanced control board, motion sensors, and sound effects used by both Lucasfilm prop makers and diehard replica-collecting fans."

The end result is a bike that makes all the correct sounds of a Star Wars speeder bike, despite the fact that it doesn't levitate. A special set of buttons play genuine speeder bike noises. Pressing the horn button results in a simulated blaster fire. The only way this could be improved for riding in urban areas would be to have genuine blasters to annihilate that Prius that just cut you off. If Kohli is feeling more racey than ragey, he can switch to a set of sounds from the Star Wars Episode 1: Racer video game to turn his bike into a pod racer instead.

After receiving his custom Super73-RX, Kohli said, "I was floored by the style and design. It’s such a beautiful bike and once I turned on the electronics, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Riding with those sounds instantly brought me back to being a kid, imagining myself riding across the Tatooine desert, Padawan braid blowing in the wind, scowling and looking for a Tusken raider camp!" Let's hope Kohli doesn't disrupt the delicate peace that Din Djarin brought to Cobb Vanth, the settlement of Mos Pelgo, and the local tribe of Tuskens.

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